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Dscn0686.jpg (24651 bytes) Price:  $216.00 US  ($250.00 CDN) Plus shipping & handling
Quantity: set of 5
Description:  Here is a group of remarkable miniature folk art carvings of animals, c1900, that came from an estate sale in Montgomery County, PA. "Putz" comes from the German verb "putzen" to clean, polish or brighten. The derived noun originally signified something decorative but through usage came to mean something very small. No doubt this combination, decorative and small, explains the use of "putz" as a derogatory vulgarism for that part of their anatomy which men so highly cherish!

Item #EA-

folk art model sailboat from our folk art catalogue - Phoenixant.com

Price:  $299.00 US  ($345.00 CDN) plus shipping & handling
Quantity: 1
Dimensions:  Height 19" length 19" beam 6"
Description:  Late 19th or early 20th C model of the storm-battered sail boat "Ronaldo". Entirely as found, no restorations.

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